Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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jesus-walking-on-water-129516-printHomily for 19th Sunday

Apparently Archimedes leapt out of his bath when he discovered his Principle and ran down the street shouting ‘Eureka’, I have found it.  For many people discovering Christ truly for the first time it can have the same sort of effect.  Over the last few weeks the gospels have been about what sort of ground we might be, dry, thorny, fertile?  But there is always the chance that we will have a ‘leap out of the bath’ moment, or like Peter, out of the boat.  Peter has been with Jesus for some time already, but today he really ‘sees’ him.  In the gospels when it says ‘see’ it usually means something more than just sight. It is about seeing with the eyes of faith.  So Peter leaps out of the boat, on Jesus’ assurance that he can, and starts to move across the water.  But there is always that moment, however we come to faith and however fervent, and perhaps particularly when our discovery is fervent, that we stop and begin to say to ourselves.  Am I really sure Jesus is there?  I mean, I cannot see him really.  Am I just fooling myself? ……

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Readings for 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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