Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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jack_beanstalk-1280x720Homily by Fr Hugh

In every age people have dreamt of being rich.  I can remember when the lottery first began I used to go in and get a ticket for myself (though my enthusiasm soon ran out.)  Many of us from children upwards have chatted about what we would do if we won the lottery.  What would we spend all that money on?  And sometimes, in an idle moment, wonder what footballers do with all that money, and occasionally announce that it is immoral to pay anyone that much, but whether we would be so righteous if we had it is another matter.  Do you remember Jack and the Beanstalk?  If you have children or grandchildren you might have come across it recently.  The seemingly stupid hero Jack, the cow, the magic beans, the outraged mother, and then the adventure with the massive beanstalk, battle with the giant and, at the end of the search, the goose laying the golden eggs.  Apparently a similar story was being told 4500 years ago.  Again it is about wealth, and then adventure and risk, and trusting in, and facing, the unknown, also of course comedy, with the selling of the cow and the magic beans, the irate mother, the precious goose and the giant.  Every age has these stories.  Ireland has its rainbows, pots of gold and leprechauns, who apparently wore red coats originally.  So when Jesus is talking in parables to his crowd, he knows the sort of thing they talk and joke about.  The stories they have…..

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