Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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jesus_at_the_doorHomily by Fr Hugh

Nobody likes being called weak.  The number of school reports I have had that began, Hugh has had a good term, they always seemed to begin encouragingly, until we got to the ‘unfortunately’ or ‘however,’ he has been weak in Maths this year, it was usually at least Maths, and not surprisingly that was the bit everyone focused on.  Then there is the post mortem about what to do about my ‘weakness’ even though I knew I was unlikely ever to be ‘strong’ in Maths, and strong is usually the opposite  to weak.  It is amazing how our culture, or perhaps it is just something within us as human beings, always focuses on what is weak and not our strengths.  Sometimes in trying to help the young especially, for the best reasons, we harp on about what they need to improve, not what they are good at, which feeds them with a sense of not being good or worthwhile.  But what do we do to avoid being weak, in our own eyes or those of others?  Where do we find our strength? …..

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