Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

It was lovely to have a live congregation at the weekend.  Many people are naturally cautious as yet.  So far we still have plenty of room if you are thinking of coming back to Mass, but remember that the dispensation allowing us not go to Mass on Sunday  is still in place and that you should not come if you are nervous or vulnerable in any way.  We will continue to deliver the bulletin and to livestream the 10am Mass.

Sower-450x450Homily by Fr Hugh

Who does Jesus think is in the Kingdom of Heaven?  We might say: Well, people who have discovered God through Jesus. Catholics certainly, or possibly our view is wider, all Christians.  We are often pretty sure we know who is not likely to be included, though we know that the boundaries may be a bit woolly at times, and we may find ourselves half in and half out at times.  But when Jesus is speaking about the Kingdom of God, he is not talking about creating a Church as a super-club of humans that get it, that is made up of those who are fertile ground for the seed of the gospel, as opposed to those who aren’t.  His starting point is that we are all God’s creation.  We begin as natural members of the Kingdom regardless of who we are or what faith we profess or none.  And he comes to help us realise that our happiness is ultimately found when we once more discover our God-given roots.  There was a discussion on the radio recently where African Americans had made connections through DNA-tracing with family in Africa.  Some of you might remember Kunta Kinte and the film ‘Roots’ back in 1976. This ongoing and successful search for roots, as all said on the radio, has brought them a real peace.  They had found where they came from….

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LIVESTREAM CONTINUES of the 10AM SUNDAY MASS.  There will be no further livestreaming of Wednesday Evening Prayer.

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