Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Church will be reopening for Mass this weekend: Saturday 4th Vigil 6pm and Sunday 5th, 10am and 6pm.  There will be no Mass at Sedbergh this weekend.  Confessions are only as a matter of urgency for now.

Please have a read of the bulletin for further details.

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yokeFr Hugh’s Homily for 14th Sunday

When we hear the word ‘yoke’ these days we usually think of eggs (as in yolk) but for farmers it was, of course, what you used to bind the oxen or horses together so that they could plough as a unit, (and this is close to the original meaning of the word ‘religion’ which comes from the Latin word ‘to bind.’)   If you have never seen one, in Great Eccleston where I used to live near Blackpool, the owner of the West End Stores (an amazing hardware store) used to have a farming museum above his shop, I don’t know if it is still there.  It meant also the heavy wooden bar that milkmaids (if you are allowed to call them that these days) would carry milk pails around, or very early on binding slaves ( a good example can be seem in the film Taras Bulba where Tony Curtis spends a lot of his time in one.)  So a yoke means a burden too.  Both of these meanings Jesus could have had in mind in the gospel, whose words here only occur in Matthew’s gospel.  Matthew wrote from a very Jewish point of view, possibly for a very Jewish based community.  In their study of the Law, the Pharisees referred to the ‘yoke of the Torah,’ the ‘yoke of the Law.’  In the sense that the people of God were bound together by the Law.  Today even for many secular Jews the Law is important.  But Jesus turns this around here.  He can see that what should be uniting people to each other and to God, has become instead a burden, and to him our encounter with God should never be a burden, but exactly the opposite….

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Readings for 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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