SS Peter and Paul

The Church is reopening for Private Prayer on Monday 29th June and Weekend Masses will begin 4th/5th July.  Please have a read of the bulletin for further details.

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Homily for the Feast of SS. Peter and Paul

We’ve got two very different men here.  Let’s look at the younger one first.  Saul.  Dead keen. Trained as a Pharisee, a strict Jew.  Been at the stoning of the first Christian to die, Stephen, and thoroughly approved of it as the Acts of the Apostles says.  He is an outsider in Jerusalem, coming from Tarsus, in what is now South East Turkey, but he is desperate to prove himself, he has got to be more Jewish than the Jerusalem guys.  A young zealot.  He goes of his own will, he is not asked or told, he goes to the religious leaders and gets letters to clear the Christians out of Damascus.  This is going to be the journey that is going to make his name.  And then Peter.  Also a Jew, of course, but probably not so fanatical.  I doubt Peter gave religion much of a thought, though he would have been a regular synagogue attender.  Religion was just a part of his life.  A quiet country bloke. Galilee was seen as a backwater and a lot less properly Jewish than Jerusalem.  But he was never going to travel anyway except for the big pilgrimages, and was probably dying to get home as soon as they set off (like many people, really glad to get back from holiday.)  He was married, we don’t know about children, and worked with others, partners in a way.  So his life is set, and Capharnaum and the Sea of Galilee are his horizon.  And probably pretty happy with all that.  There is absolutely no reason why these two men should become anything than what they set out to be….

Complete Homily for the Feast of SS Peter and Paul



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Readings for Saints Peter and Paul

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