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Corpus Christi Homily by Fr Hugh

We often have First Holy Communions about now, sadly not this year, when I take out a £5 note and tear it up to entertain the children.  Why? You might ask.  Well, on all our banknotes it says, ‘I promise to pay the bearer the sum of so many pounds,’ signed by the Chief Cashier, for the Governor and Company of the bank of England.  My point is that a piece of paper (or plastic now, not so easy to tear up) can really become £5 because we have an agreement, us and the Bank.  So when we go into a shop the seller does not say, ‘I don’t want that bit of plastic.’  Through the Bank’s agreement with the people, we can all trust that it has become £5.  From there I go on to say, bread and wine can become Jesus’ body and blood, change, because we and God have an agreement which Jesus gave us at the Last Supper so that when we come together for Mass we are sharing in his sacrifice.  I think the most that the children remember is the money being torn up.  However it does sort of make a point.  However for all we can discuss how the bread and wine change, the main point is that we have an agreement, or in church language a ‘covenant’ with God.  This is the ‘new covenant’ as we pray every Sunday at Mass.  So what I want to talk about is not St. Thomas and Transubstantiation, interesting as that is, but the wider context of our Mass, because taking it out of context can mean we lose sight of what we are truly about…..

Complete Corpus Christi Homily by Fr Hugh


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