The Most Holy Trinity

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Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity Homily by Fr Hugh

I think I say this every year on this feast, but for all the theology I have studied when I think of the Trinity what comes to mind is ‘Nuns on the Run’.  That scene where Robbie Coltrane and Eric Idle are hiding out as nuns in the convent and Reverend Mother tells Eric he has to take a girls’ class on the Trinity.  Panicking, Eric, who knows nothing about religion, is sitting in a cell, with Robbie, both dressed as nuns, and he asks Robbie, a lapsed Catholic, what the Trinity is.  Lighting a cigarette and pushing back his wimple Robbie says: ‘Hmm, the Trinity, well that is a bit of a…tough one.’  Not the actual words he uses.  And so it is.

When Moses meets God at the Burning Bush in Exodus he asks God who he is.  First God says: I am the God of your Fathers, of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.’  That is easy enough. God is the traditional God of the tribe.  It is what an ancient society would have expected.  But Moses pushes God further, ‘Who should I say you are, what is your name?’….

Complete Holy Trinity Homily by Fr Hugh



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