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Pentecost 2Pentecost Homily by Fr Hugh

There was a very quiet volunteer at St. Martin in the Fields, Anne Nightingale, who chatted to the homeless men who came in, never made a big fuss, just got to know them.  One day, after she had been coming for a while, she gently suggested that as she knew some people at the National Gallery across the road, perhaps she could take some of the guys over there.  Some of the men who volunteered were a bit off-the-wall in certain ways but off she went with a bunch of them.  Over the next weeks she got tours of the paintings in the gallery for them with guides, she began art classes, and by the time she had finished there was a whole set of cards made out of the paintings the guys had done.  The National Gallery helped out and the pride those men had, seeing their cards on sale, was amazing.  The gifts we have can be very well buried.  All sorts of events in our lives can help bury them.  But one of the great messages the Holy Spirit has for us is that we are all gifted in a huge variety of ways……

Complete Pentecost Homily by Fr Hugh



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