Seventh Sunday of Easter

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Homily by Fr Hugh

During the washing up, have you ever looked at a tray of greasy water, and when you drop into it the washing-up liquid, the grease shoots to the side, clearing a space in the middle.  That to me is the opening image of Creation in the Bible.  There is a chaotic mass, turbulent waters, and then the Spirit appears over it and a safe, protected space is suddenly created in which Creation can take place.  In the Israelite prayers they often refer to the danger of the waters just beyond Creation flowing back in if God fails to protect them.  After this the process of Creation begins, and in the early story, in a week.  But the time is not important, what the early story-tellers were trying to express is that it was a process, a development, but always with God present in some way, with God always enjoying it, seeing that it was good, as the Bible says repeatedly.  We would tell the story differently today.  With our modern scientific knowledge, which itself has been and is a developing understanding of the universe, we can say more about the physical start and in the 20th century began to know more about the complexity of time and space, which we could not have imagined before.  No doubt people in years to come will consider our efforts simplistic, but a useful stage.  Evolution goes on in the universe and our abilities are part of that growth…..

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