Sixth Sunday of Easter

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Homily by Fr Hugh

It is going to look as though I do nothing but watch Netflix all day, which is not exactly true, however I want to begin with another film.  “The Day after Tomorrow” which is one of those that often pops up on TV when they need to fill the schedule.  Why speak about this one?  Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal, looking about 15, are battling with another Ice Age, that has been thrown up by Climate Change, and sweeps down from the north engulfing the northern hemisphere, so that in the end the US president has to beg the Mexicans to let them across the border and settle there.  A lot of good Cgi stuff.  But the message is pretty clear.  It is inverting what is happening now, where what we call the South, Latin America and Africa and Asia, are being pushed to move north.  Often by the results of Climate Change.  Especially in Africa, where the climate is changing fast, from the spread of the Sahara (desertification) that is putting an end to people’s way of life and culture and forcing them to move, and the floods, paradoxically, arriving in East Africa now and before in Mozambique are part of this.  When boats arrive at Italian, Greek, Mediterranean ports full of refugees, knocking on our doors, they are condemned often as Economic Migrants, so not our responsibility, but much of what is driving them to leave is because of what comes out of our chimneys and our exhausts.  “The Day after Tomorrow” is trying to give the wealthy nations (US in this case) an image of what it would be like to have the tables turned…..

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