Second Sunday of Easter

ResurrectionSecond Sunday of Easter Homily by Fr Hugh

Netflix is now worth more than some of the big oil companies, as a result of our having to stay indoors.  And it looks as though now they will benefit from another three weeks.  I have to admit I do enjoy an old film, but find it hard to believe that ‘Pretty Woman,’ which I was watching again the other night, is over 30 years old.  For me the Roy Orbison theme tune still sounds good.  So indulge me for a moment as I go over the story. 

There’s two main characters.  Julia Roberts, a young woman who finds herself earning her living on the streets of Los Angeles.  She didn’t intend to end up there, she’s bright and is aware that she could have done better, but that is where she is, and she is in charge of her life in many ways.  She has a flatmate she likes, who is far less capable, spends their rent money on her addiction, but Julia knows that that is just how she is, she forgives her, and takes care of her. She doesn’t judge, she accepts people for who they are. She has her dream, but buries it as impractical…

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