Mothers’ Day

Easter Monday flowersThis must be one of the strangest Mothers’ Days we will ever have.  Nevertheless, happy Mothers’ Day to you all. (My mother’s home sent us a picture of her holding a Mothers’ Day card, which was very nice of them.)  I’m thinking especially of those mothers who, however much they love them, may find being isolated with the family quite a challenge. Of course some mothers, and fathers, are on their own with the children too.

So patience is going to be needed on all sides, but that is easier said than found at times.  Today is the Sabbath, literally a time to cease in Hebrew, and we need to find that time especially now.  How is it possible to carve out a little quiet time when we are all inside together? I can imagine you saying, “Well, he is sat alone in a large house, it’s all right for him,” and that is true.  But is it possible, early or late in the day, when others are in bed perhaps, to find a little time, make a little time of quiet? A time to listen to each other, to listen to God? Perhaps only a few minutes, just a short pause in the day.  It is never time wasted.

They say the phrase, “Do not be afraid,” occurs 365 times in the Bible. At this time we can feel openly afraid or it can be a sense of underlying uncertainty.  When God speaks to us through word of God this is one of the phrases he uses most often. Now is the time to trust in Him, and in his Word, especially if we are being strong for others but not perhaps feeling so strong in ourselves.

I said Mass early today and prayed for us all; let’s keep that network of prayer going.  God bless, Fr. Hugh


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