Fourth Sunday in Lent

Healing_of_the_Blind_Man_by_Jesus_ChristHomily by Fr Hugh on The Man Born Blind (John 9:1-41)

Blind from birth. What would it be like? All your other senses might  compensate but still, it is hard to be without one of your senses. Perhaps  your imagination had painted a picture of the world around you. Your own  version. Although we know people without sight can live perfectly well in the  world, yet to suddenly see would be a transforming moment. So many  emotions, so many new experiences. How did your old picture match seeing  reality?  For John the evangelist, though we would not use this image today, it  is a move from darkness to light. Both physically, and more importantly for  him, spiritually. It is a healing, a making whole, a restoration of ‘shalom,’ the  peace that means so much more to the Jews, a wholeness.  The presence of Jesus, the encounter with the ‘Light of the World’ has  illuminated the man’s soul as well as his eyes.  

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Jesus_Lazarus_x_Karl_IsaksonA prayer for a pandemic By Columban Fr. John Comiskey 

The Lord, Jesus brought healing during His ministry on earth. He healed the sick and brought the dead to life. By His own death and resurrection He brings the promise, hope and means of healing to us all.

Now we need His healing more than ever. We need not only the healing from physical illness brought on by the COVID-19 virus but healing for human hearts, communities and world society.

Open our hearts that we may not turn in on ourselves and our own needs. Let unity, compassion and care mark us all. Inspire us to serve the poor and abandoned.

May we use our skills in service of others. May more fortunate countries come to the aid of those less prosperous. May we be concerned less about public image but more about doing the right thing. “This is how everyone will know that you are my disciples: if you love one another.” Amen.

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