Third Sunday in Lent

Samaritan WomanI will remove the heart of stone from you… and give you a heart of flesh. Today we hear the wonderful account of Jesus meeting the Samaritan Woman by a well. Jesus says something to her that allows Him to change her life. She was transformed because He was concerned about her. He wanted her to be the best person she could be. He told her that she could do it, and she heard His message. That is why we do penance during Lent, and why we make special effort to go to confession. We know that Jesus loves us and that He cares for each of us individually. Yes, He sees the bumps and bruises of our lives, He doesn’t condone our sins – be they big or little – but He wants us to be better and His love always transforms us. Like the woman in today’s gospel reading we need to have an experience of His healing love. Jesus makes us want to be better and His love for us gives us the courage to change our lives and so embrace the new life He offers. The blood that poured from His wounds on the Cross has ignited our minds and hearts with the fire of His Love: may His love consume us and make us new.

cancelledIn light of the Coranavirus we have been advised by the Diocese to cancel all communal social gatherings until further notice so this will affect Thursday Club, Tea and Coffee after 10am Mass, Lent Soup. Please keep in touch with those you usually meet at these events especially those who might be more vulnerable in the current circumstances.

The collection plates will now be at the back of church where you can leave your weekly offertory if you wish to do so. Thank you for your cooperation.



STATIONS OF THE CROSS continues to be prayed on each Friday of Lent at 11.30 am in the Church. Please join us.



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