Second Sunday in Lent

Transfiguration_of_ChristFulfiller of the past, promise of things to be….We hail Your body glorified and our redemption see! Jesus, as the Man of Faith, trusted completely in His Father’s plan for mankind with the faith of a human being who recognised His dependence on God.  This is the same sort of faith we are invited to live.  He believed the scriptures; that the Messiah would suffer, die and rise again.  The mysterious meeting on the mountain with Moses and Elijah strengthened Jesus’ resolve to let God’s plan take effect in and through Him.  Moses represented the Law. Elijah represented the Prophets.  Jesus was the fulfilment of them both.  Jesus would trust God to allow His Plan to be accomplished; and He would not let His disciples say anything about the vision until He had risen from the dead.  We cannot come to any sort of understanding of Easter Sunday unless we first experience Good Friday.  As we continue our Lenten journey let us ask Jesus for the courage to trust in God more deeply. Then we will fully know ourselves as we are fully known by God.  If we trust in God, He will work in wonderful and mysterious ways through us.



The following pastoral measures will be effective from 5th – 21st March 2020:

1. The Sign of Peace is to be suspended at Mass.

2. Holy Communion from the chalice shall cease to be offered to the lay faithful.

3. Those who choose to receive the Sacred Host on the tongue are encouraged to receive on the hand instead. Doing so represents an act of loving charity to your community.

4. Use of holy water stoups is to be suspended.

5. Shared hymn books and Mass books should ideally not be used at this time (we are working on this – Fr Hugh)


 Download Bulletin 8th March 2020