First Sunday in Lent

Temptation of ChristThen if Satan on us press…Grant we may not faint nor fall! We are all tempted to sin. It is part of life. But we can fight against it. We can defeat it. In some ways we all experience each of the temptations that the devil put before Jesus. The devil wanted Jesus to trust in His own power, rather than that of the Father. He wanted Him to change rocks into bread. We can be tempted to trust in ourselves instead of trusting in God. He tempted Jesus to jump from the Temple parapet. We are tempted to force God into action instead of simply trusting in Him to care for us. We cannot fall because of the temptation to think we can do everything ourselves. We must trust in God. We must need to have faith. Of course, we must do our best to provide for our future and that of our loved ones, but ultimately, we rely on the Lord to take care of us. We can resist the temptation to push God out of our lives. This call to faith is not easy. We ask the Lord today to protect us from the temptations of the world: Lord, lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.


cafodCAFOD Lent Family Fast Day on Friday 6 March is the 60th anniversary of the first Family Fast Day led by our founding mothers and, as it has been for sixty years, is an opportunity to reach out and support highly-skilled local experts around the world who help the poorest members of our global family. Please collect your Family Fast Day envelope this week and give whatever you can to help experts like Sister Consilia – a nun and trained pharmacist who treats people in rural Zimbabwe – continue their vital work. Thank you



THE STATIONS OF THE CROSS will be prayed on each Friday of Lent at 11.30 am in the Church. Please join us.



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